UnAired! Charlie Edwards and friends watch shows that were cancelled with episodes left unaired and pitch their ideas of how the show would have proceeded if it hadn‘t been cancelled. New episodes every other Tuesday

November 2, 2017  

We're joined by Phil from My Thing Can Beat Your Thing this week to discuss Clone High. Tangents ensue, clones are discussed, and both pitch some good episodes with characaturizations of historical figures. 

Theme song by Sounds Like an Earful, licensed under Creative Commons

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October 26, 2017  

OOoooOOOhhh, it's our spooky Halloween special! This week, we cover The Elvira Show, and its so bad it's scary. Pitches include Jack Black, a Sabrina crossover, and a meta episode. 


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October 19, 2017  

We're back after our week off, and our audio got messed up, thanks Zencastr. This week, Steve returns to discuss Total Recall 2070 and it's Blade Runner connections. Promos this week from .CON and Writer's Bone


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October 12, 2017  

So, there's no new episode this week due to my ridiculous work schedule, so in its place, here's a teaser trailer for my scripted project ".CON"

October 5, 2017  

Well, this is new, we cover a TV show that is still on the air this week. Our Pre-Cogs predict this show will be canceled, so we preemptively did an episode on it. This week, we cover the Fox sitcom Ghosted, starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson. Pitches include a Ghostbusters crossover and a 21 Jump Street crossover. Promos from Color Me Dead Podcast and Secret Transmission Podcast. Theme song from Sounds Like an Earful, licensed under Creative Commons

September 28, 2017  

Ed and Andy talk about the unsold pilot "Super Nerds" this week, starring Brian Posehn, Patton Oswalt, and Sarah Silverman. Pitches include a Lost connection, a D&D night gone wrong, and a ton of guest stars. Hey Patton? Can you sell us the rights to this show? Promos this week from Kid Tested Mother Approved, The Wild Pitch, and Something Random.

September 21, 2017  

Hey there everyone, no new episode this week, in its place are some bloopers, enjoy!

September 14, 2017  

We've hit episode 30! This week, Ed and Mac watch the 2003 failed sitcom The Pitts, starring Dylan Baker and Lizzy Caplan. Pitches include a Pee Wee guest spot and some wild wishes from the characters. Promos this week from Headline Heroes and The DeRailers.


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September 7, 2017  

This episode is downright Payne-ful. Get it? We have audio issues this week, our bad. Ed is joined again by his twin to discuss Payne, one of the failed attempts to remake Fawlty Towers for the United States. Pitches include a Suite Life of Zack and Cody crossover. Special appearances by the guys from False Starts Podcast and promos from Secret Transmission and Writer's Bone. 


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August 31, 2017  

Oh jeez, this episode is a doozy. Ed is joined by his original cohost Andy to cover Capitol Critters, a bizzare animated show about mice that live in the White House. Many tangents ensue. Episode pitches include a time traveling bug, a terminator parody, and a series finale with a Ratatoullie connection. Featuring promos from My Thing Can Beat Your Thing and The Wild Pitch.


Theme song by Sounds Like an Earful, licensed under Creative Commons


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