UnAired! Charlie Edwards and friends watch shows that were cancelled with episodes left unaired and pitch their ideas of how the show would have proceeded if it hadn‘t been cancelled. New episodes every other Tuesday

March 17, 2020  

A divorce lawyer who is also a matchmaker? Sounds like a pitch for an early 2000's show! This week, Ed is joined by Tracy (of The Scavengers Network, Concept Podcast) to discuss Miss Match, a failed show starring Alicia Silverstone. Join them as they pitch future episodes and try to fix the show in Retool Time

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February 4, 2020  

This week, Ed is joined by Eric Baudour of Rooster Teeth to talk about failed Fox sitcom Wild Oats. Join them as they make a Three's Company connection, talk about Paul Rudd's Google Alerts, and play another round of Why in the World Isn't Wallace Shawn on This Show!

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January 21, 2020  

Its the final week of Bateman-uary 2020, and Ed is joined by his pal Mac to chat about 1997's failed NBC show "Chicago Sons". Join them as they have a David Krumoltz epiphany, pitch some Chicago guest roles, and plan Ed's wake.

January 7, 2020  

Kicking off 2020 with another month of Bateman-uary! This week, Ed and Andy take a look at a Bateman animated series from Fox, "Sit Down, Shut Up", that is not great, despite its talented cast. Join us for another segment of "Catchphrase You Later", since catchphrases are built into the show, and some weird pitches.

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December 5, 2019  

Oofa doofa, did we cover one huge problematic show this week. This week, Ed is joined by Daniel (Concept Podcast, Bike Brigade Podcast, among others!) to crack the bad egg that is He-Hog The Atomic Pig, an unsold pilot from 1999. Join them as they debut the new segment "Retool Time" (Tim Allen, don't sue me) to retool and remake this show in a way thats not terrible

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November 22, 2019  

We cooked up a good episode for episode 69 (nice). This week, Ed is joined by Gavin (@ThePodReport) to cover the bastardization of Kitchen Confidential. Yup, they turned that book into a Fox sitcom with Bradley Cooper. Join us as we pitch episodes with Wallace Shawn and Richard Kind, its kind of a big deal.

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November 7, 2019  

Smell that? That's the buttery smell of justice. This week, Ed is joined by Jacob of the Love YA Like Crazy podcast to discuss the 2001 live action Fox show, The Tick. Join them as they talk about this strange show. Pitches include The Tick meeting Patrick Warburton and a round of "Why in the World Isn't Wallace Shawn on This Show?"

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October 24, 2019  

While Bill and Ted are most excellent, this 1992 live action show was not. This week, Ed is joined by Miles from Best Darn Diddly to review the failed attempt at a live action television adaptation of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Join us as we pitch a crossover into the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and the duo breaking reality to meet Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.

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October 10, 2019  

We're breaking all the rules this week...well, just the one that says we only cover shows canceled in one season. This week, we cover the (inexplicable) two season show Baby Bob, based on the talking baby from the freeinternet.com commercials. Join us as we pitch episodes featuring mascot corporate espionage, a talking dog, and a new segment "Catchphrase You Later" where we pitch potential catchphrases for the characters in this show.

September 26, 2019  

Hey y'all, no new episode this week, in its place is the pilot of my audio drama, InSpectre. 

Former detective, and current ghost, Calvin Westover decides to stick around for a bit before passing on, working as a P.I. (Paranormal Investigator) to solve crimes of the supernatural nature, aided by his unpaid intern, Arthur

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