UnAired! Charlie Edwards and friends watch shows that were cancelled with episodes left unaired and pitch their ideas of how the show would have proceeded if it hadn‘t been cancelled. New episodes every other Tuesday

August 24, 2017  

Rumor has it, Ed has a guest this week. Ed is joined by Greg Tilton, from Rumor Flies and producer of Jacks of Trades, to cover the failed 2007 pilot "Lipshitz Saves the World". This pilot, starring Ty Burell and Leslie Nielsen, is bonkers. We bring back an old, forgotten segment, "The Tucc is Loose". Also featured is a promo from Best Darn Diddly!


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August 17, 2017  

Ed is joined by his friend Mac this week to cover the 1991 NBC pilot, Lookwell! This show stars Adam West as an aging TV detective who thinks he can solve real life crimes, written by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel (the show, not the real life crimes). Pitches include a stand off between TV detectives, a flashback episode, and a series finale with a huge twist. This is one time where something wasn't better left unaired!


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August 10, 2017  

This week, we are joined by Derek from The Wild Pitch to....make some wild pitches. We cover the failed HBO pilot "Life on Mars" starring Bob Odenkirk and Janeane Garofalo, which is known as "the anti-Friends". Pitches include a ton of guest stars, including Mr. Show connections. Some things are better left UnAired!


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August 3, 2017  

Remakes are always a great idea, right? This week, Ed is joined by Gavin from The Red Light Library Podcast to cover the U.S. remake of Coupling. Pitches include a bottle episode, a Sweeps Week episode with Colin Farrell, and a Friends/Will and Grace crossover episode, establishing the NBC Cinematic Universe (the NBCCU). Some things are better left UnAired!


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July 27, 2017  

We're back....again! Ed and his twin, John, cover Stark Raving Mad, a show about a neurotic book editor and an unconventional author, starring Tony Shaloub and Neil Patrick Harris. Pitches include partying authors, Ron Howard, and a Monk connection. Some things are better left UnAired!

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February 7, 2017  

Ed had some health problems, so we missed two a few episodes, oops. We're back with a new episode later this week, until then, here's the first episode of bloopers 

December 31, 2016  

Much like New Years, Ed and Eddy dropped the ball. This episode was supposed to be out the week of Christmas, but these two fools work retail and thus didn't get it out in time. This episode, they discuss the 1994 Fox sitcom Monty, starring Henry Winkler, David Schwimmer, and David Krumholtz. Join them as they review the pilot and pitch what could have been future episodes of this show.

December 9, 2016  

Christmas is right around the corner, so we're celebrating with a show based on a game on everyone's wishlist, Battletoads. Join Ed and Eddy as they watch the 1992 attempt to make a television show out of Battletoads. Its TOADally not good. 

November 25, 2016  

Ed and Eddy cover Cavemen this week, a show based on a Geico commercial...what could possibly go wrong with that? With a new format this week, they very briefly recap the show then get right into their pitches for what could have been future episode of Cavemen. Crave the cave!

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November 18, 2016  

Saddle up with Ed and Eddy this week as they watch the 2004 reboot of Mr. Ed. Join them as they watch the one episode reboot that was never aired by Fox, and pitch episodes including one with Mr. Ed on a cruise and a visit to the MOOry show (a cow Maury). Hi Ho Silver...er...Ed!

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