UnAired! Ed Bachta and friends watch shows that were cancelled with episodes left unaired and pitch their ideas of how the show would have proceeded if it hadn’t been cancelled.

July 12, 2018  

This week, Ed is joined by Brandon from the Film Foil podcast to discuss a show based on a film. They take a bite out of Zombieland (zombie pun), the ill fated Amazon TV pilot based on the hit film of the same name. Break out your twinkies and get ready for a fun episode!

June 21, 2018  

Its getting Biblical! Not really, the Bible isn't on video. This week, I'm joined by Chris Revill of Lets Chat! with Revill and Friends to discuss the failed animated series God, the Devil and Bob. The show has French Stewart, need I say more?

June 8, 2018  

Ed and Eddy brave the horrible audio farie's curse this week to cover the failed show Life on a Stick, about two goobers who work in a corn dog stand. Oh, and also, The Tucc is Loose again this week. We really gotta keep an eye on Stanley Tucci. Apologies for the bad audio quality, but shit happens.

May 31, 2018  

Friend of the show Gavin joins Ed this week with a backdoor pilot for a Ghost Rider animated series. They tried to make a kids show about a flaming skull man who hunts evil people...yup. The show would have premiered as season 1 episode 5 of The Incredible Hulk animated series.

May 24, 2018  

Be prepared for Tim Curry impressions galore this week, as we cover his failed ABC sitcom "Over the Top", where Curry plays a failed actor who moves into the hotel his ex wife manages. The show also starred Annie Potts and Steve Carrell. What a stacked cast for such a panned show. 

May 10, 2018  

We're entering new territory here this week, as we cover our first backdoor pilot. The Farm (season 9, episode 17) was intended to launch a Dwight centric spin off after The Office closed its doors. It wasn't picked up to series, but that didn't stop us from speculating what could have been!

January 18, 2018  

Ed and Andy help themselves to a show about a self help guru! This week, we cover the failed Jason Alexander vehicle, Bob Patterson, and Ed introduces a new segment.

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January 5, 2018  

Sorry for the audio issues in advance (thanks, Zencastr...). This week, Ed is joined by Miles from The Best Darn Diddly Review Show to discuss the failed attempt to make a live action Clerks TV show. Thats right...they tried to make a network sitcom out of Clerks...


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December 28, 2017  

Happy New Year everyone! It's our last episode of 2017, and what better way to end the year than with an awesome guest! This week, Greg Tilton (of Rumor Flies and Jacks of Trades) returns to discuss the failed attempt to turn Revenge of the Nerds into a TV show! Let's get nerdy!

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December 21, 2017  

It's a Christmas Miracle (curse?). It is our shortest episode because the show we cover is the worst thing we've ever watched. We covered a show we originally vowed to never cover, Fish Police. This HORRIBLE atrocity of televison starred so many stars, but was garbage. Pitches include a crossover with Finding Nemo and Spongebob Squarepants. 

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