UnAired! Ed Bachta and friends watch shows that were cancelled with episodes left unaired and pitch their ideas of how the show would have proceeded if it hadn’t been cancelled. New episodes every other Thursday!

July 18, 2019  

Ever wonder what would happen if The Big Bang Theory and Animaniacs had a baby? No? Oh...well, Adult Swim did when they adapted a comic book. This week, I'm joined by Bill from Escape This Podcast to talk about Welcome to Eltingville, a failed animated pilot based on the comic Eltingville. Join us as we discuss this nerd fest and play another round of "Why in the World Isn't Wallace Shawn in This Show"

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July 4, 2019  

Much like a zombie, this week's pilot was resurrected from the dead. This week, I'm joined by Ismay of the Half Damage Podcast and Crit Chat to discuss Babylon Fields, a failed CBS show about the undead. BTW, the undead are horny as hell. 

June 20, 2019  

We are back after an unexpected hiatus (cancer in the family), and we're starting off UnAired!'s 4th year! I'm joined by AJ from Straight off the Top of My Headlines to discuss The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil, a Saturday morning cartoon by the creator of Ren and Stimpy. Oh yeah, there's a villain who looks suspiciously like Waluigi, so we have fun with that.

February 14, 2019  

This week, Ed is joined by Chris Revill (Lets Chat! with Chris Revill) to talk about a show they love to hate, Great Scott! This stinker of a show stars Tobey Maguire as an over imaginative kid...yup, thats pretty much all its about...standard sitcom with small imagination sequences...

January 17, 2019  

We're back with week 2 of Bateman-uary, this time covering a failed Jason Bateman-centric pilot, Black Sheep. No, not the one with David Spade and Chris Farley, this weird sitcom stars Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and follows a failed wall street exec who goes home to work in his brother's auto shop. 

January 3, 2019  

New year, new episode. We're kicking off our month long Jason Bateman TV show coverage, Bateman-uary, with The Jake Effect. Join us as we pitch a spinoff in the new segment, Spinnin Off, and somehow draw inspiration from the original run of Rosanne.

December 20, 2018  

Nothing says Christmas time like a failed TV show based on a movie! This week, I'm joined by host of the podcast "My Minute with Andre", Woody Battaglia, to talk about the extremely weird pilot for Darkman. We pitch episode ideas, a series finale, and since Woody's show focuses on a Wallace Shawn movie, you know we gotta take another swing at the segment "Why in the World isn't Wallace Shawn in this Show"

December 7, 2018  

Love is in the air, Love Monkey, that is. This week, I'm joined by host of the Maximum Fun podcast Go Fact Yourself, J Keith Van Straaten, to discuss 2006's failed show Love Monkey. This show stars Tom Kavanaugh as an A&R rep for a record label, and tows the line between comedy and drama. Navigating the music industry is hard, too hard for Tom Kavanaugh, unfortunately, cause this show got canned.

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November 22, 2018  

This week, I'm joined by America's Radio Sweetheart, founder of the Maximum Fun network, host of NPR's Bullseye, and host of Jordan Jesse Go, Jesse Thorn. We talk Police Squad, how amazing it is, and how amazing Wallace Shawn is.

November 8, 2018  

This week, Ed is joined by Jess McKenna from Off Book: The Improvised Musical to discuss a show that delves into musical theater, Kristin Chenoweth's failed NBC sitcom, Kristin. Join them as they pitch a way to get rid of a sleazy main character, bring focus back to Kristin, and bring a nerd into the show with the segment Into the Urkel-verse. 

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